HITCH represents that kind of artist who tries to differentiate himself to the rest and breaks away from the standard model in the current musical landscape. The quality that stands out most in this very experienced artist is his elegant and dynamic style in all his forms and aspects, as well as his effort to avoid to be categorized in any passing trend, aspects that include the main figure of this great professional. All sets by HITCH are fueled by a fresh, energetic and innovative vibe. His versatility and adaptability to any style or musical trend together with his true connection with the demanding night crowd have contributed to shape his unique style and have boosted him to an impressive position amongst the most recognizable and promising artists of today´s music scene.

With expansive degree of experience, including performances throughout of Spain and the rest of Europe since1997, this multifaceted artist has redirected his career betting on his new alias to offer his own personal musical concept and much more intimate. Since then, he has released on labels like Be As One, Novotek Rawseries, Paulatine, Galaktika, Khazuma, Deep Class, Novo Music or La Factoria, among others, and some of his tracks have entered into Beatport Top 100 as well as have been played and supported by some of the best international artists like Marco Carola, Steve Lawler, Reboot, Shlomi Aber, Wally Lopez, UNER, Nick Fanciulli, Joris Voorn, Detroon, Gel Abril, Luna City Express, Ramon Tapia, Ekkohaus, Nick Warren, AFFKT, Florian Kruse, C Rock, Julien Chaptal and many others.

Moreover he is the co-owner of CATZ CLUB, one of the most important brands in Barcelona´s nightlife, which has been placed in some different clubs like Privilege Ibiza, Catwalk, Boulevard, La Suite or Hotel ME Barcelona, among others.

Col·laboren :

Estrella Damm
Heda Music
Organic Produccions